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The Centre for Tourism Research, Development and Innovation (CiTUR) in partnership with the Universidade Feevale promotes the ITC’20 – XII International Tourism Congress, on 27-29 October 2020, to be held in the city of Gramado, Brazil, with the theme “The Image and Sustainability of Tourism Destinations”.

ITC’20 aims to present and discuss national and international experiences about the advances and tendencies in tourism research, sustainability, travel and hospitality fields. The conference intends to bring together academics, master and doctoral students who are studying tourism, travel and hospitality or related subjects. Tourism industry leaders and professionals, who are keen to know the latest developments in academic literature and would like to share their expertise with the participants of the conference, are also invited to participate.

So, the ITC’20 objectives are:

  1. To present and discuss national and international experiences about tourism destinations’ competitiveness, sustainability, branding, marketing and customers’ experience.
  2. To provide an open forum for the exchange of views on themes related to tourist destinations strategy and management among the community, students, academics, policymakers entrepreneurs and professionals.
  3. To explore and discuss new perspectives on tourism and regional development in order to promote new methodological and empirical approaches.
  4. To analyze the importance of tourism activities and its impact on economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects, at a regional, national and international level.

For General Sessions, we invite academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, decision-makers and tourism professionals to submit scientific papers (please see Author Guidelines).

Join us in the city of Gramado, Brazil!